An Englishman Bringing The Gospel Home


Donavan & Laura Bangs

I am a graduate of Trinity Baptist College, which is a ministry of Trinity Baptist Church.

       We are in a place called Cambourne just outside of Cambridge in England (my native home).

       Our goal is to preach the gospel of Christ to those who have not heard, and plant a church.

       See our.Purpose & Goals

We are Fundamental Independent Bible-Believing Baptists (KJV).  

Trinity Baptist Church is our sending church

We are serving with Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples.

We have Letters of recommendation from Pastor Tom Messer (Our Pastor), Dr Charles Shoemaker,  Dr Gene Burge and Dr Robert Terrey. As well as Dr Garland Powell and Dr Charles Davis

Check out our scanned prayercard (the real one is a little better but this is close) Prayercard

We would be very interested in hearing from pastors, or lay people who have a burden for supporting the cause of missions.  In particular in the field of England.

If your church cannot provide monthly support, but wish to help in our work  Check out our current needs

We Will Be Posting Our Prayer Letters Online I have recently updated the older ones so you can actually read them from the beginning and see what God has done   Click Here For The Latest One

Our New House This is where we live now. House


Our new video update is here

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Also a low quality version of our older presentation  presentation keep the screen small or it looks too blurry

Here also is a presentation I made for a home school group

 If you wish to get more information contact us or need to let me know that you will pray for us, please e-mail me, at

Or click here for our testimonies PREACHBRIT's More Information

Or click here for our doctrinal statement

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